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If you're mixed up, overwhelmed, or just plain tired from trying to make sense of all this job search stuff by yourself … we've got your back.  Allow us to make you the obvious front-runner with our professionally written resumes and cover letters.  Whether you are a recent college grad entering the work force, or a seasoned professional looking to make a career change, LaunchPoint Resume can help you navigate the search and land your perfect job!  When you're ready to launch your career and outdo the competition, send us a message.  We work with you until you are 100% satisfied with your product and confident enough to move forward!

Resume Services

*Pricing will depend on experience. Contact us for a quote.

Resume Revamp - $165*

A friend says “Hey, shoot me your resume, and I’ll give it to a guy I know.”  Is your resume ready? 

Let the certified professional resume writers review your resume and provide you with actionable feedback and recommendations for improvement. Choose this option if you think your resume is good, but not great, and you need a shot of confidence before diving into the job search.

  • Resume content review. We provide recommendations and feedback for effectiveness. You implement the changes.

  • Cover letter review. Recommendations and feedback for effectiveness.

  • A signature LPR Resume & Cover Letter Template of your choosing.

  • Unlimited email support: continued guidance through applications, future interviews, and more.

  • PERFECT FOR: Career changers, mid-career, returning to workforce.


*most popular*

Complete Resume Overhaul - starting at $335

Do you keep getting overshadowed during the application process?  Want to stand out in the crowd?  We can make you unforgettable.  Choose this option if your resume is barely recognizable as a marketing document, and you know it's not doing you any favors in its current state. Price starts at $295.

  • Free telephone consultation.

  • Complete resume content overhaul from a Certified Professional Resume Writer. More on the process here.

    • The LaunchPoint Resume Brainstormer: Tailored questionnaire to uncover more information about your background and accomplishments. Detailed and customized to ensure we don’t miss any of the good stuff!

    • Minor Resume Updates-for-Life guarantee — perfect for promotions and/or developmental additions.

  • Cover letter content creation from a professional.

  • Stunning, ATS software-friendly docs — perfect for pesky online application portals.

  • Unlimited email support: continued guidance through applications, future interviews, and more.

  • PERFECT FOR: Recent grads, entry level applicants, young professionals, career changers, returning to workforce, mid-career.

  • Price depends on experience*

Pair this with our LinkedIn Strategy Session for best results!


Weeknight Resume Builder - $59

How to write a killer resume in just a few hours after work.

Whether you’re drafting your first post-collegiate resume, or you need to rehash the clunker you’ve been modifying periodically for the last 20 years, this Weeknight Resume Builder will take the guessing game out of writing a downright killer resume and cover letter.

Here’s what the The Weeknight Resume Builder includes:

  1. General advice and FYI’s about resume writing and the modern-day job search.

  2. The LaunchPoint Resume Brainstormer. Your organizational writing guide to help gather all key info.

  3. Two downloadable, editable, and downright usable ATS-friendly resume templates.

  4. Completed resume examples for you to slice and dice as you see fit.

  5. List of 101 Essential Buzzwords that will elevate your resume writing to pro-status.

Want to use this builder for your business? Check out our multi-user version!

2018 student resume revamp.jpg

Student Resume Revamp - $85*

“Please submit an expanded resume offering additional information about your achievements.”  But … I just wrote an essay! 

More than one-third of colleges and universities have specified requirements for  resume submissions. Some may say that it’s an optional upload…but is it really? Choose this option if your high school student resume is far from desirable … or if you don’t have a resume at all! We’ll let you know what’s required of this doc and how to knock socks off every admissions counselor determining your post-secondary fate.

  • Resume content creation from a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

  • Cover letter template PLUS recommendations for what to mention in a cover letter destined for the hallowed hails of the University.

  • Stunning, ATS friendly resume docs — perfect for pesky online application portals.

  • PERFECT FOR: High school students, college applications.


Job Search Support

LinkedIn Strategy Session - $100

Although you may want to treat LinkedIn like Facebook, it's purpose is much more professional. LinkedIn is the most popular networking and job search tool out there today, so attracting the right audience requires a tailored profile.  Choose this option if you want to expand your job search beyond Monster and Indeed, but the mere thought of personal branding and online content is positively frightening.

  • Free telephone consultation.

  • Signature LPR LinkedIn Guide + Assessment doc to optimize your profile into primary job search and branding tool.

  • Keyword-optimized LinkedIn bio written by a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

  • PERFECT FOR: Recent grads, entry level applicants, young professionals, career changers, returning to workforce, mid-career.

Pair this with a resume service for best results!


My resumes will get you interviews. Period.

But I’ll need your help.

I write for every almost every industry and position, but I can't just pull information out of a hat. The more info you provide me, whether it be via my questionnaire or bits you mention through our phone chats and emails, the better I will be able to create an effective document that tailored to your unique goals.

Once I have all the info I need, I’ll transform it into a resume that will draw employers and recruiters like moths to a flame.

Want to give LPR as a gift?  Ask about our gift certificates here!